Sister Institutions

The Adyar Theosophical Academy (ATA) is one of a family of fine educational institutions. Today there are six Golden Link Institutions founded on the Theosophical approach to education with schools located in four cities in the Philippines established over the past 20 years. Students from the Golden Link Institutions are highly sought after by the business community because, apart from high grades, they exhibit a certain sense of integrity at the workplace.

The Golden Link Institutions offer classes from pre-school to tertiary level and have achieved a high standard of excellence.  They also offer free one-month summer classes and a 4-day youth camp where students are taught self-awareness, effective relationships and other life skills.  Golden Link launched “The Golden Link Institute for Teacher Training” where training is given in communication skills and approaches to education.  The training of teachers is a vital part of the Golden Link School.  Without the right kind of teacher, schooling can do a lot of harm to young people.  ATA will draw from the expertise and experience of Golden Link College Foundation.